Gogar is taking the lead in the production of charcoal using high efficiency reusable charcoal kilns. The kilns are made in situ from mud bricks.

The wood comes from Acacia which is harvested on a sustainable basis from grazing land, and from mature stands of Eucalyptus.

We are also planting Eucalyptus which will be utilised partly for charcoal when mature.

The use of charcoal from sustainable sources helps to reduce degradation to the environment from illegal charcoal production.

Indigenous Forest and Scrubland

Almost 20% of the total area of the farm is devoted to the conservation of indigenous forest and scrubland. This includes a wide variety of ecosystems from highland forest contiguous with the Londiani Forest reserve, open acacia woodland, down to riverine forest and scrub along the Molo River. This is one of the few remaining ecosystems of indigenous plants and animals in the Rift Valley and contains a very valuable habitat for other species such as insects.

Rhodes Grass

Gogar Farm has been producing top quality Rhodes Grass seed both for export and for the local market for more than 50 years.

Gogar is a founder shareholder in the Kenya Seed Company, Kenya’s largest exporter of Rhodes Grass seed.

Rhodes Grass Hay

Gogar is a valuable source of dry season conserved feed in the form of hay both for the livestock farmers within the local community who do not have the resources to make hay, and to supply to the Nairobi market.


Redshank Seeds

Based on Gogar since 1993 Redshank Seeds is a market leader in the production high quality hybrid seed under plastic for the European and American market.
This operation is very efficient with water, and provides jobs for up to 300 people from a small area.

Varieties include Petunia, Impatience, Snap dragon, Geranium, Dianthus.

Fishing flies

Gogar Farm

Gone Fishing Kenya

Kenya is the largest producer of quality fishing flies for the world market.
Gone Fishing Kenya Ltd operates within Gogar Farm producing top quality flies which are sold in Europe, America and in Australasia.