Gogar has been using Artificial Insemination exclusively since the 1970’s. Since 1997 all semen used has been from carefully selected imported sires.

Bulls are chosen individually for each cow to ensure that the best characteristics in the progeny. In addition to selection for yield we pay careful attention to characteristics that will ensure our animals are well suited to East African conditions. We pay particular attention to feet, colour, udder conformation etc.

Friesians are the highest yielders bred to perform best in good farming areas under good management. If you require cows which will perform better under more challenging conditions please select from our Ayrshire or Jersey cows.

Our Friesian bulls are also ideal for introducing good high yielding genetics into areas that are not well served by AI schemes. We supply top Viking Genetics semen to AI professionals. Contact us for details

We use Viking Genetics semen from Denmark, Sweden and Finland to breed smaller, hardier and more resilient cows better suited to East Africa than the heavier Holsteins from USA and some parts of Europe. We pay special attention to the yield of milkĀ per Kilo of body weight over a 305 day lactation.

Top Gogar Friesian genetics:

  • have lower feed maintenance requirement
  • are more therefore more economical and productive
  • are easier to get in calf
  • are healthier
  • have longer productive lives

Feel free to ask us if you require advice on selection of cows suited to your farm.

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