Gogar Farm has been breeding Ayrshire cattle since the 1930's. We have placed a particular emphasis on Ayrshire as a breed due to their ability to perform well under variable East African conditions. Since the 1970's we have been using Artificial Insemination, and since 1997 we have used exclusively  imported semen carefully selected for traits important to East African dairy cattle.

While Ayrshire cows are not able to match the top performing Friesians for yield under ideal circumstances, they are much better at withstanding poor conditions. When good feed and management are not always available Ayrshires are tougher and will survive and continue to produce better in the long run.


Ayrshire milk is typically higher in butterfat than Friesians, and many nutritionalists prefer the composition of Ayrshire milk for human consumption over that of Friesians.

For these reasons Ayrshire cattle are often preferable on small holdings.

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