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About Us

Gogar Farm has been breeding Ayrshire cattle since the 1930’s. We have placed a particular emphasis on Ayrshire as a breed due to their ability to perform well under variable East African conditions. Since the 1970’s we have been using Artificial Insemination, and since 1997 we have used exclusively  imported semen carefully selected for traits important to East African dairy cattle.

Our pedigree and purebred Friesians are the highest yielders bred to perform best in good farming areas under good management. If you require cows which will perform better under more challenging conditions please select from our Ayrshire or Cross-breed cows.

Gogar cross-bred dairy cattle are good milkers under tough East African conditions. These fall into two categories:

The cross between high performing Bos Taurus imported cattle and the hardy Bos Indicus local breeds capitalises on the additional hybrid vigour obtained by crossing these different breeds. Typically these cows milk well even under harsh conditions, and will survive drought and disease better than the imported breeds.

Gogar also has Friesian / Ayrshire crossbreds. These typically yield better than the Taurus / Indicus cross, however they are less hardy in tough conditions and with poor management. This is an excellent choice for high potential areas so long as the farmers understand the principles of good animal husbandry.

Our History

Gogar Farm can be dated back to before 1915. Originally the company was formed by a very elite group of aristocrats including as one of the early majority shareholders Denys Finch-Hatton of “Out of Africa” fame. It was consolidated into one holding by Arthur Dudgeon during and after the First World War. In common with much of the Rongai area Gogar was important at this time as one of the main maize growing areas, using the Uganda Railway for transport.

At this time Arthur Dudgeon played a leading role in introducing the Aryshire breed to Kenya, where it has since become established as the premier milk producer for the drier mixed farming areas. One early manager, Cnyd Hill, was later the Chairman of the Kenya Farmers Association for many years, and Arthur Dudgeon was a founding shareholder in many early developments such as the Kenya Cooperative Creameries, the Kenya Seed Company and others.

After Kenya’s independence the farm was consolidated on the original site at Rongai while the other farms were sold to the Settlement Fund Trustees to be subdivided to provide land for local small scale farmers.

Gogar Farms continues to provide leadership within the community with new projects such as milk processing in the 1990’s (Ilara Dairies now a part of Brookside Dairies), and recently Machine Mawe (machine cut building stones).